Die Sentai: First time? ;)

First time buying from us? No problem! You will find most answers to frequent questions we receive, and we hope this helps clear any doubts or concerns you may have when purchasing from us. 

Are you guys a legit business? 

Of course! We have been in business since September 2018 and we have thousands of IG shares in our highlights. We have served customers in over 20 countries with at least one in each continent. 

Is it good quality or will it fade/crack after 3 washes? 

As of today, we have customers that have tees from 2018-2019. We are known to do all types of testing that is openly shared on TikTok and Instagram (@diesentai). We pride ourselves in the quality of our prints. They are extremely soft prints and do not feel heavy on the t-shirt, body, and it will not block sweat in that area. We use 100% ringspun cotton tees that are very soft to the touch and feel very comfortable. Our other apparel is also tested and are high quality garments that host our in house designs. 

My first order came so quick but why did the others take longer? 

It depends on timing! Our drops usually begin Friday night. Therefore, the majority of orders are placed on Fri-Monday. When it is a very popular drop, you will often see lead time extensions and this happens for a couple of reasons:

  • High order volume
  • Supplies not availabe 
  • Logistic delays 

All orders are made to order. Therefore, some orders can be fulfilled quickly, while others could take a little longer due to the key points above.

We also do general updates through our IG stories so that you're able to understand what is happening currently, and you're welcome to email us for updates at any time! 

Tracking information is not updating! Please help? 

Do not worry. It is not unusual for tracking information to be frozen in one location. It may deliver to you without updating most of the times. Keep in mind we have the same access of information since we are not the shipping carrier. However, we are able to guide you the best way to retrieve this information in order to retrieve your package domestically or internationally. Email us!

Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes! Please keep reading. California and UK customers will be charged taxes (VAT) automatically by our check out system. Customers in other countries, your packages may be held by customs until you pay tax duty to retrieve your packages. Keep in mind it varies by country and local laws when importing merchandise from the United States. 

Will you draw *x* from this *anime*?

We are mostly OC (original character) based but we often times do fan art in order to showcase our work with popular characters.