*NEW* UV Stickers


New UV DTF Sticker Sheets:

Our UV DTF stickers are designed for a semi-permanent application on hard, smooth surfaces. They are perfect for decorating items like mugs or hydroflasks with a touch of Die Sentai. Please note that these stickers are not suitable for folding and are best applied to flat and smooth surfaces.

Instructions for applying our new UV DTF stickers:

Step 1: Peel off the white backing.
Step 2: Place the sticker on the desired location
Step 3: Use a rolling motion to avoid air pockets/crinkles.
Step 4: Press on firmly all over the sticker and peel off the clear protectant.
Step 5: Enjoy your newly decorated item!

Please be aware that once these stickers are applied, they are extremely difficult to remove. Attempting to remove them may damage both the sticker and the surface it is applied to. 

These stickers are suitable for use on hard and smooth surfaces, including:

- Metal bottles
- Mugs
- Phone cases
- Jars
- Glass cups

While these stickers can accommodate slight curves, DO NOT fold them over an edge, as this may cause them to crack. 

DO NOT overlap the clear cover over a another UV sticker as you may risk lifting, tearing and/or cracking the laid sticker. 

All UV-hardened stickers are dishwasher-friendly and long lasting.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at support@diesentai.com.

Thank you for your support! <3