DS: Care Instructions

Die Sentai Apparel Care Instructions

  • Gentle cycle - use like-colored garments
  • Wash inside out
  • Use proper amount of detergent*
  • Cool/Cold water
  • Hang Dry 

*Regular detergent only. Avoid using detergents with any additives such as: fabric softener, stain removers, whitening power formulas. Do not add any of these additives. Do not use bleach products.  

Avoid over loading your washing machine.

Wash explanation and reasons: 

Gentle cycle helps reduce heavy friction on the prints during the wash cycle, washing the garment inside out is best to reduce direct contact with the washer, and prioritize the side of the garment that touches your skin. Cold water and hang drying is the basic standard to reduce shrinking in cotton tees. No heat is key to maintain your cotton tees to remain the same size. 

Avoiding premature fading: 

Following our wash instructions is the solution. But why?

In order to understand the wash outcomes of your apparel, it is important to know the type of ink is used in our apparel, and to use the appropriate detergents and cycle presets on your washing machine.  

We use water-based ink in our eco-solvent printer that directly prints on the garment using pigment ink technology. The pigment particles rest on a special formulated substrate which is cured under high heat and pressure. It is important to remove moisture to embed the ink when curing in order to have longevity. This reveals the vibrant image of your favorite Die Sentai character on your garment. 

Any abrasive formula in your detergent can prematurely fade the print. It is important to not use warm or hot water, as well as using the dryer. This is a general guide for graphic tees, as it may shrink, fade, crack/break apart any ink used on the garments. 

Additional questions or concerns?

Please email us: support@diesentai.com